This is our whole family; Tommy, Annie, Liam, Chloe, AND Easton.
I’ve been thinking about the perfect way to write this post for months and realize that there isn’t a perfect way to share the story that I’m about to share. Today, we’re sharing news about this strong, kind, and brave little boy, Easton. Easton has been apart of our lives for over 5 years and about 3 months ago, he started living with us full time. Easton is Tommy’s son and my stepson. Easton is a 5 year old boy that has gone through something heartbreaking and horrific. About 3 months ago, Easton’s mother and grandmother passed away in a horrible boat accident. He lost his whole world in a blink of an eye. No child should ever have to wonder through life without the love of their mother. Easton has conquered an insane amount of emotions, life adjustments, and changes. Even though he has suffered more heartbreak than one can possibly imagine, he has managed to stay strong and positive. Easton is a very very well behaved boy, he’s extremely kind and sincere to his little sister, and loves playing with his little brother. He’s a quick learner, loves playing outside, going to waterparks, going to the museums and zoos, eating a crazy amount of junk food, making new friends and going to school. Easton will accomplish so many things in his life, he’s already overcame something that not everyone can recover from and continues to be strong.
The first two months was very hard for everyone, myself included. There were a lot of tears, mental breakdowns, confusion, denial, and frustration. We weren’t ready to share this new life publicily, nor did we think the timing was appropriate. Easton said his final goodbyes to his mother last week and I’ve seen a lot of courage and acceptance from him. Even though he’s 5 years old, I fully believe that he knows what has happened. We pray to God and talk to his mom in heaven as often as we remember and it has brought peace and understanding to him. Easton’s life story isn’t going to be that his mom passed away when he was 5, he will create his own story and it’ll be so so much more than that. I fully believe that his mom is always watching over him, guiding him, and smiling every time he smiles. Our family is deeply heartbroken by her passing and know that all we can do now is to love him whole heartedly, care for him, and give him a family.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Easton and our family.
*Photos by Banavenue 
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