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Hello everyone!
I’ve had the honor of being apart of the “New Mom Series” on Ruthie Ridley’s blog and the ladies that I’ve teamed up with are beyond incredible. Every week Ruthie has a special guest on her blog to share their new motherhood experiences. This week, I’m sharing a few tips that will help make your new mom life a little easier. I’m going to be sharing what I pack in my diaper bag to get me through the day and tips for your first outing with that sweet newborn baby.
First, I would like to share our first outing story. Liam was about a week old when we went out. My husband and I had driven to San Antonio to visit our friends and family before we headed out to our new home in Colorado. We met our friends at Perry’s to have dinner. Everyone so excited to meet Liam for the first time. Everyone wanted to love and hold him. I brought hand sanitizer to give my friends when they held Liam. No, they weren’t offended, lol, most people are courteous about washing and cleaning their hands before holding a newborn. Don’t be afraid to ask because it could prevent your child from getting sick or catching an infection due to their undeveloped immune system. Dinner was very pleasant and easy because Liam was asleep 90% of the time and everyone was eager to learn about my delivery and how much my life has changed. I think I barely held Liam that night; he was getting so much love from everyone. My only obstacles that night were feeding him during dinner when he got fussy and changing his diaper-normal mom stuff. After dinner, we took tons of pictures and headed home for the night. 
Our days out now are a lot different. Last week we went to the park to play with other babies and grabbed snacks at a nearby bakery. I mostly dress Liam in a comfy tee and shorts so he doesn’t get too hot running around. I got this one in the mail last month and it’s our new favorite. Toddlers are a lot more active and require a lot more chasing. I remember wishing Liam would “do more” when he was a newborn. I miss those days where I could eat lunch while he slept. Now, I’m feeding him first and then entertaining him while my food gets cold. lol. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Soak up every minute with your baby, they grow fast.
Most new moms stress or worry about taking their newborn babies out the first time. Reasons like getting a cold or infection, crying in public, having a diaper accident, forgetting something at home, or anxiety. Though they are good reasons, don’t let that stop you from sharing your baby with the world. If your baby is healthy and the doctor has no orders for him/her to stay at home, then enjoy being out. It’s a lot easier than you think it is. Here are 8 tips that’ll help you and your newborn baby enjoy that first outing together.
1.     Plan an easy outing- Make plans for something that is easy and enjoyable, dinner, museums, parks, or family and friends visit. I wouldn’t suggest going to the mall, grocery store, or somewhere far. You’d be surprise how difficult it can be to load up your groceries while your baby is possibly crying, car is too hot, and all that. You’re learning how to be out with your newborn so try to not overdo it. If you know you’re capable of handling situations like that, you go be a supermom!
2.     Pack your diaper bag- Make a list of what you might possibly need in your diaper bag. Pack everything and always have backup in your car. (I’m sharing my diaper bag below).
3.     Make a schedule- Know you and your baby’s schedule. How often does he or she need to be changed, fed, and rested? Make sure to make stops through out the day to do these things. I would always check Liam’s diaper before getting in the car, getting back in, and every other hour. He pees and poops A LOT!
4.     Dress accordingly- Check the weather for the day and see how hot or cold it is. Babies overheat easily, don’t dress him/her in warm clothing and wrap them up in a swaddle if it’s 100 degrees outside. If it’s snowing, you bundle that baby up with everything you got.
5.     Don’t stress- Your newborn baby sleeps majority of the day and will probably be asleep 90% of the time. If your baby does cry, don’t worry about what other people think. I’m pretty sure we have all heard crying babies in public. If you’re at the movie theatre or restaurant, and he/she won’t stop crying, take a moment outside; it’ll help the both of you.
6.     Make sure your baby is fed, cleaned, and rested before heading out- If your baby is having a bad day, chances are they just need some sleep and milk. If you’re not comfortable with breastfeeding use a blankie, bring a bottle, or find a private place to feed your baby. I didn’t feel comfortable for about 6 months about breastfeeding in public (I was worried I would have a nip slip or Liam would tug with the cover) so I’d go back to my car and feed him there. My husband was very patient with us and helped.
7.     Ask for help- Don’t be afraid to ask your husband, mom, sister, or friend to go out with you for assistance. I always had Tommy with me and it definitely made things easier.
8.     Have fun! Enjoy your new family and newborn baby, theres nothing like you and your babies “first”.

My diaper bag now doesn’t have as many products in it compared to my newborn bag but a lot of the same things. I didn’t include milk and food because those are kind of obvious, lol. Here are essential products you should have in your newborn diaper bag: 

1.     Diapers
2.     Wipes
3.     Extra change of clothes
4.     Hand Sanitizer
5.     Thermometer
6.     Diaper Rash/ Healing Balm
7.     Plush animal/ Toy
8.     Blanket
9.     Small Rag
10. Teether (depending if they are currently teething)
11. Pacifier
I don’t think I could get through the day without my wipes. I use them for everything, spit ups, cleaning, diaper changes, and sanitizing. I use Honest Wipes, they are thick and hold up really well. . ALWAYS bring extra clothes! Liam’s first accident was at the airport AFTER I checked my bags. I was snuck wrapping him in a blanket the entire plane ride. I know, bad mom move. Pack a cute tee shirt like this “duh” one or a onsie. I love Rags To Raches, they carry the most adorable and unique rompers. They also carry these baby “pouches” that are made for newborns! Lastly, pack the blankie-even if it’s 100-degrees outside, I still brought a blanket when Liam was a newborn because it would get cold inside the grocery stores or restaurants. As your baby gets older, you’ll know what he/she needs. It’s always safer to pack it than to not have it.   

Be sure to check out all the incredible moms apart of this series on Ruthie’s blog!! We have teams up with Rags to Raches to giveaway a $25 gift card, head over to my Instagram of details (@anniemescall) 

Thank you so much for reading!


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