Today is a VERY VERY special day. Today is Liam’s second birthday!!!! This little hyper, minion loving toddler is now two years old. Some of it is kind of a blur but so much has happen in the past year. Liam has grown into the sweetest fun loving son I could ever ask for. He’s kind when he wants to be and assertive when he needs to be. He’s like both Tommy and I in so many ways. The relationship that Liam and Tommy have is indescribable. They are like two little boys having the best time. Liam is such a momma’s boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I could go on and on about Liam but instead, I decided to list achievements, events, or anything random that has happened in the past year. (Ignore all my grammar, this is for me to look back on). 
1. Liam learned how to walk 10 days after he turned one! His first steps were at my aunts house and he took 2 before falling. He mastered walking in a matter of days. 
2. Banana’s were our favorite, until we over ate them and moved onto grapes. 
3. He understands both english and vietnamese, but speaks more english currently. 
4. We started potty training at 18 months but that didn’t go too well. Way to many accidents, lol. 
5. We love to count to 3 together and say how Liam is now 2 years old. 
6. Minions, Toy Story, Moana, and Boss Baby are his favorite movies. 
7. Liam loves to take long baths and practice his floating. 
8. Liam’s hair finally grew in at 18 months. We also got our first haircut after Christmas. 
9. Liam attend his first NFL games and our Texans won!!!!
10. Splash pads and pools are his favorite summer time activity. 
11. Liam traveled internationally for the first time and we flew to Vietnam and also stayed at a Korea airport. 
12. Liam can’t live without gummy bears and ice-cream. 
13. He still sleep in mine and Tommy’s bed. Liam’s is deathly afraid of sleeping alone. 
14. Liam loves running around the grocery store pointing at all of the snacks he loves. 
15. Liam can say over 30 words in english and over 10 in vietnamese. 
16. The Little Gym was one of his favorite activities. Balance beams and swings were always popular with Liam. 
17. When we go to the zoo, Liam loves the animals but is nervous when feeding the giraffes. 
18. Putting on everyone shoes while he’s naked in a diaper is what he does every single night. 
19. Liam loves reading books in the morning and right before bed. 
20. All of Liam’s teeth grew in and was able to brush his own teeth at 20 months. 
21. Liam weights about 25 pounds and is still in the 12th percentile. 
22. Hide and seek and peek a boo are some of Liam’s favorite house games. 
23. Liam is still uncomfortable with being on the beach, mainly because of the sand texture. 
24. When he cries, it’s typically less than 1 minute and then he’s over it. 
25. Liam watched his Despicable Me 3 on opening day and LOVED it! He was dancing to the music and saying “OOO!” at all the tense scenes. 
26. Liam’s the most hyper at night, right before bed time. I always play around with him before bed. Sometimes it’s not the best idea since he previously had lunch. 
27. Liam loves to walk around the house with Tommy’s sunglasses, hat, and shoes. It’s the funniest thing since the hat always covers his eyes and the shoes are just a tad too big. 
28. Every single time we see a dog, Liam jets towards them to pet and say hi to them. 
29. Liam is exactly like Tommy as a toddler. Crazy and wild. 
30. He’s the most loving little toddler in the world. Tommy and I love him more than anything! 
Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!!
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