RUG: Lorena Canals // BASKET: Lorena Canals // BASSINET: Micuna // DOCKATOT: Deluxe // BALLOON GARLAND: GlamfettiCo // CHLOE SIGN: Etsy // FLORAL GARLAND: Etsy // SWADDLE: Clementine // BOW: Wunderkin

I’m so excited to finally share Chloe’s little bedroom with everyone. Chloe’s little “bedroom” is actually in a space in my bedroom. I knew from my past experience with Liam, that if I already went ahead and decorated a whole bedroom, she wouldn’t use it until she was at least a year old. Liam had an entire bedroom from the moment he was born and we probably used it once or twice. Being so young, I feel comfortable having Chloe sleep in her bassinet in my bedroom that way I can easily check up on her and feel at ease.

I wanted her space to feel as much as a room as possible. I’m in no way an expert “home decorator” but I think I did a pretty good job! I love the way her little nook came out. Palm print has always been a favorite of mine (if you couldn’t tell by the pictures, lol) and I knew that this rug would be piece that tied in her whole room. There are pops of pink because it contrast perfectly with the light green tones. I wanted to decorate the walls as much as possible because I feel that it gives it more character.

I’ve had TONS of questions about Chloe’s and Liam’s DockATot and I have to say that it’s a MUST HAVE!! We use it every single day/. It’s such a convenient sleeping and changing space. It’s great for traveling, whether if that’s a far travel, or a trip to visit your family members. We use it every time we’re in our living room or when Liam want to cuddle with Chloe. Even though Chloe can barely pick up her head, we’re always right next to her while she’s in her DockATot in case something happens. You can never be too careful.

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*Photos by Arzu

*Thank you so much Lorena Canals and DockATot for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own

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