This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring Break has arrived so that means that the sun is out longer, children are out of school, and vacation mode offically begins. This year we decided not to travel anywhere, instead we’re going to take advantage of living in the city. Honestly, Spring Break hit us by surprise this year. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t realize that it is Spring Break until a few days ago. As soon as I realized it, I planned out something our family could do at least every other day. Liam enjoys being out of the house and playing with his friends so we have a full agenda ahead of us. 
One thing that we’re definitely doing is going to our local Chuck E. Cheese’s. I grew up going to Chuck E. Cheese’s with my siblings in California and those are some of my happiest memories. I don’t remember a lot from when I was four years old, but I do remember my trips to Chuck E. Cheese’s aside from having movie marathons with my family. 
  I’ve been taking Liam at least once a week and sometimes twice if he’s behaving really well. You might have seen all of my Instagram Stories of Liam and his best friend, Sofia, there these past couple of months. We take them during lunch time so they can play and also eat while we’re there. They’re constantly running around, sliding those cards on every machine, and dancing with Chuck E. We may have a little argument here and there because the children can’t decide who gets to go on a ride or play a game first but they usually last about a minute. Since Tommy has been back, Liam has been wanting to do everything with his Dad. We have a routine when we go, we start out with games, take a quick pizza break, play more games, and then see what prizes we can get with our tickets. When Liam plays the games, he usually gets about 2 or 3 tickets per machine. I’m pretty sure we spend a good 20 minutes putting all of his tickets in the ticket eater! What I appreciate about Chuck E. Cheese’s is that you’re able to purchase the prizes for a penny a ticket. When Liam is 20/30 tickets away from a prize he has had his eye on, I’m able to make up for the tickets. Liam’s happy and I avoid a disappointed and crying toddler. We already know how hard is it to get your child to leave Chuck E. Cheese’s. 
During Spring Break Chuck E. Cheese’s will have an “All You Can Play” special for $10! All you have to do is sign up for the More Cheese Reward Program on the mobile app (iTunes or Google Play) or online. With every visit you can earn rewards for food, drinks, games, and prizes. My sister was the one who told me about the app months ago because as soon as you sign up, you get a free personalized pizza. There are also birthday perks, referral bonuses, and a $10 reward after you’ve visited 3 times (within 12 months). 
They say that children start building long lasting memories at 3 1/2 to 4 years old. I hope that as he gets older, he remembers those happy memories that he spent with his family and friends. It’s easy to plant a child in front of a TV and call it a day. Trust me, I’ve done it before and I felt so bad after realizing how long he was watching tv. I enjoy taking Liam out to do things that he loves. He’s able to  interact with us, friends, and have an amazing time. Taking Liam to Chuck E Cheese’s always excites him and I don’t break the bank doing it. 
I hope everyone has a safe and fun Spring Break! 
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