I never realized how much I loved little bodysuits unit Liam grew out of them and I didn’t realize that they don’t typically come in sizes over 24 months. Chloe lives in bodysuits because they’re adorable, breathable, and easy to put on/throw off. The summer has also been extremely hot so I putting on a fluffy dress wasn’t idea. Chloe’s bodysuits are from Gerber Childrenswear and they’re absolutely adorable. Chloe has been wearing onesies from here since she was born and they’ve held up so well. Both sets come in a pack of 5 and the designs are all different. I love styling bodysuits with a cute pair of pants, shorts, and skirts. I stick to neutral bottoms so they pair with majority of Chloe’s onesies. 
I truly did get so lucky with this little cheerful girl! She’s so happy (of course, she has her moments) and laughing all of the time. I truly can’t believe that she’s going to be a year old soon. She’s already walking and doing her own thing. That feeling of your children growing up too fast never stops. 

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