Gosh, I can’t believe that I’m saying “Chloe is one year old”. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital and having all of those ER visits like it was yesterday. When I was younger and pictured having a family, I always pictured having a little girl. A little mini that was just like me. We’d dress up together, go on little ice cream dates, and be best friends. Chloe is such a blessing in our lives and I’m extremely thankful to be her mom. She brings so many smiles to our faces and I can already tell she loves way too hard. Chloe has surpassed all of my expectations in her growth and continues to amaze me. Chloe is a little giggly and happy girl, she smiles all the time. She’s a hardcore mama’s girl (which still surprises me to this day). As she gets old I can see her little sass come out. When anyone takes anything from her, she just yells to the top of her lungs. Because, she’s the youngest child, she can’t stand to be alone anywhere and at the same time, she hates being in a room filled with tons of people. This post is more for our family so we can look back and read Chloe milestones, personality, and growth. So with that, I’m going to get started…
0-3 months: 
These months were really hard. Our family was getting adjusted to Chloe and also getting adjusted to Tommy being back home from Korea. Chloe was in the ER room about 2 times due to an infection that she probably got from family members (minor cold). Another time was that Chloe caught chicken pox so we had no idea what to do. Chloe always had an extreme case of cradle cap and baby acne as well. Our family made it through all of this and Chloe stayed strong with all the medications and needle pokes. Chloe’s newborn stage was a lot different than Liam’s. Chloe refused to lay down by herself (unless it was nap time). I remember carrying her or wearing her in a sling 24/7. She slept through the night the first 1/2 weeks but it didn’t happen again until she was about 8/9 months. 

4-6 months:
During this time, Chloe was holding her head/back extremely well. She could stand firm on her feet (while holding her of course). Chloe was learning how to sit and roll over. Chloe learned rather quickly because I knew this girl wanted to be on the go like her brother. Chloe also started eating early on at 4 months. She didn’t enjoy baby food much so she ate what we ate. Chloe also popped her first tooth during this time too! We didn’t go through a teething phase, her teeth just came when they did. There weren’t any extra tears through this. 

6 months:  
Chloe is officially sitting on her own and she couldn’t be happier. It was so funny watching her lose her balance and fall to the side. She found it so funny and this is when all those giggles truly began. Chloe has always smiles and laugh but this is when it was all the time.

7-9 months
Chloe is crawling/scooting during this time which was impressive because Liam didn’t really start crawling until he was 8/9 months. Chloe would kind of drag her body but quickly learned to be on all fours. 

10 months: 
Chloe starting standing and pulling herself up a lot earlier than Liam. She has the biggest little thunder legs to help her get around. Chloe loves waving and saying “Dada” and “Mama”. Mostly “dada” but I’ll take it. She still loves to be held all the time and I’m not complaining. 

11 months: 
At this age, she was taking her “first steps”. Chloe started taking one step, then two, and it quickly escalated. Her first real walking steps was in Killeen when Tommy came home from work. She was so excited to see him that she just started walking. 

12 months: 
Chloe partially owns the place when he walks in. Everyone absolutely adores her and she knows it. When I’m playing with Chloe, she tries to run and it’s the funniest thing. She trips 90% of the time but I try to catch her before. She loves playing with toys now and when someone takes something away from her, she screams bloody murder. She’s still a loving little girl, is sensitive, and is aware of what’s going on in her life. 

Birthday Party: 
Chloe is officially a year old! I was stressing over planing this party. At first it was going to be Unicorn themed but I realized how much I loved mermaids and how I want her favorite movie to be “The Little Mermaid” so a mermaid themed party it was! I ordered all of our decorations off of Amazon, so I didn’t have to worry too much about running around. My cousin helped me set up 75% of the decorations because we were still running around that morning. On Chloe’s party we had friends and family surround her to help her celebrate. Chloe went 4 hours past her nap time and still refused to sleep. She was too busy playing with all of her friends and being held by all of her family member. My mom and grandma LOVE feeding her food. She probably ate for 3 solid hours. I remember telling my mom that the party was going to be a small party, 10-15 people. She ended up buying food for about 50 people! We had about 30 friends and family members show up so it was okay. While we sang Happy Birthday, Chloe sat there smiling at everyone. Tommy wasn’t able to be at Liam’s 1st birthday party so I knew it meant a great deal to be there for Chloe’s. I’m extremely thankful for everyone that helped us celebrate and has been apart of Chloe’s life. 

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