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When I pictured myself being pregnant for the second time, my husband was definitely in the picture. We had always talked about “the perfect” time to have our second child. Tommy was definitely in the picture during all 9 months.  Life happens and things don’t always work out the way you plan it, but all you can do is adjust the best way you possibly can. Even though Tommy isn’t here with us, I do have my family, mainly my sister. My family has given me tremendous amounts of help and assistant. The last 3 months would have been filled with stress and tiredness if I didn’t have them. My family living in Texas was also one of the reasons why Tommy and I chose to move us back. I’m about 5 months pregnant now and raising a hyper, energetic toddler. I’ve learned a few things that have helped me get through the first half of my pregnancy that I thought I’d share with all my mom readers that are in the same boat or will be in the future.
1. Dividing our days based on we each enjoy has been extremely helpful. If we spend the day shopping and doing things that I prefer, the next day we’re at the park or zoo. Liam is patient when it comes to sitting in the stroller and letting me run my errands. At the same time, I know he gets bored after a few hours, so I try my best to fit in some play time for him. I’ve noticed that after he gets his play time in, he’s a lot more patient with me the remainder of the day. Vice Versa. Right now, Liam LOVES going to the zoo, splash pads, museums, and playgrounds. When we start our day with a big trip for Liam, he gets all of his energy out and takes a long nap. I’m able to catch up on blog work and have time to myself. Those 2 hours of quietness makes all the difference in the world. 
2. With my second pregnancy, I’ve felt a lot more tired than usual. If I’m feeling exhausted that day, I’ll take a nice long nap with Liam. There are some days where Liam gets an extra boost of energy and decide that it’s a good idea to stay up for 10+ hours. I take that time to put on his favorite show and cuddle up with him. Even though neither of us are sleeping, it’s down time that allows me to rest while keeping an eye on him. If you have family members with you, you can ask them to watch your babies for an hour or two while you rest. I’ve done that here and there and I’ve felt like a brand new person after waking up. 
3. Staying at home and having unproductive days pays off. I’ve probably done it twice this week and I have no regrets. Because of my husband, I’m able to be a stay at home mom and work from anywhere. Yesterday, Liam and I stayed at home all day and barely did anything productive. I took Liam to our pool, cooked dinner, and basically lounged around the rest of the day. If you’re able to have lazy days, take advantage of them. They are seriously the best. I even plan at least one day of the week where we stay at home and do nothing. We end up going to Target on those days but that’s about it. You can’t go wrong with a day spent at home and Target. 
4. Take a day off and have a “me” day. If you have a babysitter, family member, or school that’s able to care for your child 1 or 2 days a week, do it! Being a mom is a 24/7 job. There are no breaks or sick days. Your job is to care for you child every second of the day so you do deserve a day or even a few hours off. The other day this week, I felt so overwhelmed with life. I asked my sister to watch Liam while I went to get a pedicure. Those 2 hours to myself were so relaxing. Yes, I could take Liam with me everywhere but sometimes it’s twice the work. I love taking Liam to lunch with our friends but I also enjoy “adult” lunches. When I bring Liam to lunch with his toddler friends, he has huge urges to run and play around, like every toddler out there. I spend 1/2 of the time watching him run around because it’s either that or I have a crying child. Having lunch with your girlfriends, alone, gives me time to actually have adult conversations. Don’t get me wrong, Liam behaves really well when we’re out eating, but throw in his toddler friends and it’s his way or the highway, lol. Liam just loves spending time with other children. He’s the sweetest and friendliest little boy. 
If yall have any advice or tips of your own, I’d love to hear them. Anything helps when your pregnant and chasing a toddler that’s just as fast as you. 
Thank you so much for reading! 
*Photos by Arzu Photography 

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