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Now that I’m basically at the end zone of my pregnancy, I thought it would be time to share my honest thoughts about being pregnant. Yes, there are some factors about pregnancy that I hate but they are totally worth creating a baby girl over. I’ll start off with the 5 positive things that I throughly enjoyed about being pregnant then 5 negative things that I wish didn’t come with pregnancy. 
1. One of my favorite things is feeling your baby grow and his/her kicks getting stronger. I started to feel flutters at 3ish months and now it’s hard kicks and punches. I can see when my daughter is on my left or right side of my body and it’s strangely cool. 
2. Buying baby clothes! Baby clothes are so so cute and little. I know several of my friends have had to refrain themselves from going overboard with their little ones. It’s a struggle not grabbing that cute onsie that the baby probably won’t even get a chance to wear since you’ve already bought the entire baby section of Target. 
3. Getting that baby bump. I love the fact that my belly was growing (up to a certain size, lol). I personally loved my baby bump size from 3ish to 7ish months. 
4. Being able to see my baby at ultra sounds appointments or even listen to her heartbeat at normal checkups were the highlights of my month. 
5. Watching Liam interact with his unborn sister has melted my heart. Liam loves kissing his baby sister at night. Throughout the day, he ask to see his sister just so he can give her hugs. I’m already dying watching him love her now, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when she’s finally here.

Here are 5 random things that I disliked about being pregnant:

1. The constant worry and stress you have wondering if your unborn baby is doing alright. After the baby started to kick, it was my way to knowing she was still in there alive, healthy, and energized. Before I felt her kick, my appointments were scheduled once a month and I would worry from the moment I left the doctors office until the next time I came back.

2. Always always needing to use the bathroom. I absolutely hate having to go to the bathroom 10+ times a day. At this point it’s like 4+ times in the middle of the night. My bladder has gotten worse after giving birth the first time.

3. Clothes not fitting. Yes, there are maternity clothes out there but unless you plan on getting pregnant many many times or having someone to hand them down to, you’re not going to only seek out maternity clothes. Trendy and cute maternity clothes are also sold mostly online so that gets frustrating as well.

4. Not being able to eat or drink whatever I want. This also doesn’t end after birth. I would have to say that I have to monitor my diet during and after pregnancy. The whole caffeine limitations kill me. I mean, I have a 2 year old that’s super active and sometimes that 3rd cup of coffee is needed. Breast-feeding is also stressful because you have to eat and drink so much to produce enough milk.

5. Lastly, waiting! The waiting game feels like forever. After the baby is born, I know I’ll feel as if time flew by but for now, I’m ready to have her here!

What are some things you liked and disliked about pregnancy?

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