It’s crazy to think that in two short months, I’ll be back to changing diapers. Liam was completely potty trained about 3 months ago and I haven’t even thought about diapers. I’ve personally always gotten my diapers delivered to my home. It makes life 100x easier. I think all mothers can agree that putting our children in the car seat and driving to the store just for diapers is more work than it sounds. Most of the time we beg for our spouse or family members to run to the store for us. 
IncrediBundles offers a subscription diaper service and it does all the work for us. Well, we still have to be the one’s to change those 10+ diapers a day but at least we don’t have to worry about constantly running to the store to pick up more. IncrediBundles offers 3,6,9, or 12 month subscription and they have many different diaper brands to choose from. If you’re learning about their services now and you’re child only has a few months left in diapers, you can customize the length, vice versa. The redemption code is very easy to redeem. All you have to do is create an account, customize your profile, and then enter your code. I did it all in less than two minutes! 
 I’m not sure if it’s just me and my friends, but I feel that everyone is having babies from August to November. I have over 5 close friends that are expecting so that means 5 baby showers. Gifting months worth of diapers would probably be one of the best gifts ever. I know I’d appreciate it, deeply!  IncrediBundles is currently offering the most adorable announcement package. Upon opening your new gift, there is the softest adorable bear holding a certificate with the diaper subscription information. I received a couple of diapers for Liam’s baby shower and it actually made so excited, lol. So, I can’t even image how amazing it would be to be gifted MONTHS worth of diapers. Liam absolutely loves the bear that was gifted to him! To Liam, he can never have too many plush bears and they make the best cuddle buddies. 
I’m teaming up with IncrediBundles on a fun giveaway so be sure to enter below! We’re giving away a 3 month diaper subscription. You can either redeem it for yourself or for a BFF. 
Thank you so much for reading! 

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