Chloe- DRESS: Zara // SHOES: Freshly Picked // DRESS: Chicwish 
I can’t believe my little girl is about to hit double digit months. Chloe grew way too fast and it’s hard to think that she may be my very last baby. These past 9 months started out rough because of all the adjustments and becoming a mother of two. After Chloe turned 6 months, it became a little easier. Chloe is still very much a mama’s girl but is growing and learning things everyday. These post are more for myself so I can look back and read about her journey and accomplishments. If you’re not interested, which I completely understand, feel free to read the next post. With that said, here are some of Chloe’s accomplishments and milestones up to 9 months.
6 months: Sitting on her own and eating everything in sight. Chloe’s favorite words are Cha, Mama, and Dada. She loves being held and fed. She can’t ride in the car without her blankie.
7 months: On all fours and learning to crawl. Chloe was pretty much rolling at this point. Chloe manages to push her self backwards when she’s meaning to go forward. She can get on her knees and ask to be picked up
8 months: Chloe is officially crawling and ALL OVER THE PLACE. She also loves pulling her self up on tables and playing with toys. Chloe isn’t a big fan of baby food or tart fruits. She loves Chobani’s SMORE’S yogurt. Chloe began to really hate baths and open bodies of water. 
9 months: Chloe is standing on her own for a few seconds and crawls way too fast. She’s fighting me on going to bed and only eats food that I’m eating. Chloe choose Tommy over me sometimes but will always want me when she’s needing comfort. She’s learning to be comfortable with water/swimming.

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