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I never thought that I would be the mom that buys way too many toys to the point where a good chunk of our garage is filled with bins of them. I spent a lot of time this week decluttering all of Liam’s toys and creating an area in the living room where he can play, do arts and crafts, and study. I created this adorable little space for my children and they love it. 
All I have to do with this space now is keep it clean. Which will require me cleaning daily. I use products from Art of Green® to keep our house clean because their products are non-toxic, safe on sensitive skin, and they get the job done.  I try my best to clean every day. I use Art of Green® Cleaning Wipes Citrus & White Flowers to wipe down all of our countertops, tables, and messy spills. Wipes are personally my go-to cleaning product. Art of Green® Cleaning Wipes Citrus & White Flowers get off days-old dirt and dried food that got stuck to the table, and they make cleaning a lot easier. When it comes to a bigger cleanup, the Art of Green® Multisurface Spray Cleaner Citrus & White Flowers does the trick. Sometimes, I pour the bottle of Concentrated Multisurface Cleaner in my cleaning mop and clean the entire house. These products are great for cleaning majority of your house. Using non-toxic products is very important to us. I want to ensure that the kids aren’t around products that are harmful to them. 
When children start school, I think it’s important to give them a space to read and be creative. I created this play place in less than one day and it was incredibly easy. I thought it would be fun to share a few easy tips to recreate this space. When I need home inspirations, I search something on Pinterest, save those photos, and look at them while I’m shopping to get an idea of what I want. I’ve been gravitating more towards natural tones, so I picked up a few wall decorations. There were only a few things that I absolutely needed. I NEEDED a drawer organizer, a table and chairs, and bins. Organization makes such a difference. When I organize all of Liam’s items, he knows where everything is and cleans up accordingly. This play space was so easy and the kids love it! 
Tips on how to create a playroom:
1) Find ways to organize based off of your children’s toy and crafts. Toys aren’t pretty to look at, so we had most of our toys in the bin. 
2) I add books to every shelf because my children love reading. I feel that if I keep encouraging it, they’ll make reading a very good habit. 
3) Decorate the walls with either a garland, wall shelves, or pictures. 
4) Add plants to brighten up the area. 
5) Be minimal with the items in the bins and general area. 
6) Have fun with it! I find decorating very difficult, so it was fun to create this space all on my own. 
Thank you so much for reading! 


*Thank you Art of Green® for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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