Happy Halloween everyone!! First off, to the family that do the family costumes every year, you deserve a metal. Finding family costumes isn’t as easy as it seems. Tommy and I went through 3 different ideas before finding out that not everything is available in sizes for babies, toddlers, or adults. We decided last minute to do Toy Story and it was a hit. Liam has actually done Toy Story costumes two other years (Woody one year and Buzz Lightyear another). We wanted to change it up because we’ve already done the original characters. Toy Story 4 was such an amazing movie with fun and different new characters (minus Rex). Going as the new characters would be different and it was such a hit, especially Forky! Liam being Forky was the finniest thing, lol. The character alone is so silly. The kids were so happy about our family costumes and that’s all that matter. I even put the Gabby Gabby costume on (for 20 minutes) before it got too cold. Tommy was going to be a ventriloquist doll and it would have completed everything but he got to Houston too late. Let’s hope for a full family costume next year!  
I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween night! We’re meeting up with Margret and her family again and the kids are so excited to start Trick Or Treating! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! 

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