Mine and Tommy’s trip to Seattle was definitely one for the books. We haven’t traveled alone or really had much alone time together in over 4 years. Isn’t that crazy to think about? Not having any alone time with your partner in years? I knew I had to get a trip scheduled for us and knew that Seattle would have everything we would be looking for; good food, outdoor activities, cool weather, adult activities, and easy to drive around. I went to Seattle last year with Liam and Chloe so I was already familiar with the area. When I went with the kids, I had the best time but there were things that I wanted to do that I couldn’t take my children to. Seattle has a lot of offer for adults. We started our day with brunch at a new spot every day. The pleasures of drinking a mimosa and having real conversations was incredible surreal. Being able to walk to Pikes Place and truly enjoy the fresh flowers, fresh fruit, antique stores, and scenery was very much things that Tommy and I use to do. Our agenda was very open. If we felt like doing 10 things in one day, we’d plan for it. If we wanted to do a chill night, that would be great too. My Seattle guide today is similar to my last one but more for a parents getaway.


Of course, we stayed at Hotel Ändra. I stayed here with the kids last year and we wouldn’t chose to stay anywhere else. It’s located in the middle of downtown and walking distance to Pikes Place, tons of restaurants, and shopping. On our first night, we went to go see Joker and there was this unique old theatre one block away.

Tommy and I stayed in the suite for this trip and the room was massive. There was a living room area, work desk, vanity area, full length mirror, and a spacious bedroom. The work desk and full length mirrors are things that make working and traveling possible. I’m working every single day so that means during vacation. The desk area helped remind me to put those work hours in and the full length mirror, well, let’s say Tommy loved checking out his outfits more than I did. Tommy and I stayed in two of the nights (which we didn’t expect to happen) to watch movies and drink. It’s honestly one of our favorite things to do. We enjoy going out here and there but a calm night together is what we love most. The huge living room was the perfect spot for us to spend those nights.

We discovered a new area in the hotel this trip. The upstairs lobby has this little hideaway bar, mini library, fire place, and lounge. Its a great place to have those chill nights, play board games with your children, or order dinner to go and eat there.

The staff and valet service workers were always extremely nice and accommodating to us. They were happy to help us with questions, request, and a pleasure to talk to. Customer Service is very important to me and I received that during my stay.

I spoke to a manager and he told me that the hotel will be undergoing a remodeling soon. It’s expected to be done sometime next year. Our family just might have to plan another trip because I’m definitely excited to see what it’s going to look like!


We drove the Mazda Mazda3 Sedan while we were there and this car is unbelievable! The drive was insanely smooth, the inside and outside interior was sleek, and it had every possible feature I could think of. Tommy and I were impressed the entire time. We discovered something new about the vehicle everyday. Our car had Bose speakers, navigation, tons of safety features, cameras, and is listed as the 10 coolest cars under $20,000 on Kelly Blue Book. Driving up the mountains is typically pretty scary for both of us but when we did it in our Mazda, everything went smoothly. We rented our car through DriveShop and this was my second time working with them. The pick up and drop off is so so easy and convenient. It was the perfect car for our parents weekend.


Pikes Place Market: The top tourist place of Seattle is really a must because it’s so unique. We actually discovered that there was a downstairs that is filled with stories. Our friends showed up this hidden gem and we ended up finding a really cool book store.

Drink and Eat at Pikes Place: Right past Pikes Place down the mountain a bit, there’s a huge boardwalk area that is filled with restaurants and shops. We grabbed some seafood and took in all the views (mostly cold weather).

Museum of Pop Culture: Tommy insisted that we went here instead of the Space Needle or Glass Museum. This was the one museum I didn’t go to with my children last year. Seeing the Scared to Death and Minecraft exhibits was pretty cool!

Leavensworth: This beautiful little German town is about 2 hours from Seattle. If you have the day to drive and see a city outside of Seattle, I highly recommend Leavensworth. Leavensworth is a small German inspired town and it truly feels that you’re in Germany. We went their for Octoberfest but the town had much more to offer than the festival did. I’m actually gong back in January with some girlfriends to explore more.

Downtown Shopping: Seattle has one of the best shopping areas that I’ve been too. The Nordstrom there is my favorite but I also feel that the stores downtown are huge. Part of visiting a new place is walking around downtown and seeing everything.

Green Lake Park: I took Liam here last year to go to the park but this year, Tommy and I wanted an keep our workout routine so we went here to run. The park is beyond beautiful in the fall. The weather is cool, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s peaceful.

Hiking: We didn’t get the chance to go hiking but we’ve heard Mt. Rainer and Snoqualime are the ones to go to.


Lola: It’s located right downstairs of Hotel Ändra and the brunch there is BY FAR one of the best! Tommy had their octopus dish and it was soo good. He isn’t a seafood person and loved it. The brunch menu is only on the weekends and only serves adults. It was the perfect spot to grab some bloody marys and breakfast.

Din Tai Fung: We ate here twice and the food is so so good! They’re known for their soup dumplings but I personally loved the Ramon dishes. It’s an extremely popular place so I recommend going early. They don’t take reservations.

Hot Cakes: Hot Cakes is a delicious desert place is you’re craving something sweet!

Portage Bay: I went here last year and had to go back. They serve American brunch entrees and it was delicious as always. Their egg benefit sampler is great for sharing.

 Crawfish King: I was craving crawfish one night so we went here. The place itself isn’t in the best area but the food was good.

If you’re looking for the kid friendly travel guide, here is the post. Please feel free to send me a message or email if y’all have any more questions! I hope this helps your trip to Seattle! We love going in October for the fall and the weather has always been amazing.



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