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As parents, I think we always hear things like “if your first baby was well behaved, your second will probably give you a lot of trouble” or “if the first one was easy to care for, the next one won’t”. I didn’t believe it until my precious Chloe was born. Liam was EXTREMELY easy to care for, feed, put to sleep, etc. Chloe is such a good little girl, but she definitely wasn’t as easy as Liam. Chloe knew what she wanted the minute she was born, and I have to say that she has gotten her way. She loves being held constantly, being cuddled to sleep, knows how to cry and yell when someone doesn’t give her a toy, and knows what she likes and dislikes. 
Recently, I found it difficult to feed her certain foods. Sometimes she refuses to eat; she only wants to drink milk. Liam literally ate everything in his sight. After giving her over 10 different dishes, I realized why she was being picky. She likes food that she can actually chew and work for, not just food that slides down her throat that she had been used to before she turned one.
She has been eating NEW Gerber® Lil’ Mixers™ and from how fast she eats it, I’d say she’s a big fan of the flavor and texture of the food. Gerber® Lil’ Mixers are nutritious, don’t have any artificial colors or ingredients, are simply made, and are easy to prepare. Another great thing about it is that I can customize the texture as little or as much as she wants! There are 8 different flavor combinations, and Chloe favors the Vegetable Chicken with Mixed Grains and Carrots. They’re available at Walmart, and it’s easy to swing by the baby aisle to restock your pantry. Use this Ibotta offer next time you’re there! I enjoy shopping at Walmart because the prices are low and they carry pretty much everything we could possibly need. 
Chloe is currently in a phase where she’ll only eat when she’s feeding herself. She won’t let anyone feed it to her. Thankfully, our highchair has a table. We give her a baby friendly spoon, a cup of Gerber® Lil’ Mixers, and she goes to town. It’s great that she can eat them mixed together or separate, especially during lunchtime! She may get food all over the table, ground, and herself, but at least she’s learning and getting the right nutrients. That’s what’s most important.
We’re usually never at the house during the week. Gerber® Lil’ Mixers is easy to bring on the go and is quick to clean up. I pack some in my bag so I’m ready for when she’s hungry on the spot. Chloe has real mealtimes with Lil’ Mixers. 
She’s growing up so fast and she doesn’t even know it. She reminds me of myself in so many ways. She’s sassy, very forward, needs around-the-clock attention, and loves eating. Yep, she’s definitely my daughter. 
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