TIE DYE DRESS: Ivy City Co // SHOES: Sam Edelman // CHLOE’S SHOES: Freshly Picked // BOW: Sophia Rose Bows // TOMMY’S TOP: J Crew
Gahh! These matching tie dye dresses are seriously the prettiest mommy and me pieces, I’ve ever seen. I’m all about the tie dye right now so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that there was a mini version of this dress. Ivy City Co released their “Lovers Collection” and I seriously want everything. These dresses are apart of the collection and I know they’ll sell fast. There’s only so many years that Chloe will match with me so I’m soaking up as much of it as I can.
Chloe turned 18 months last week so that calls for a little post sharing all her milestones that I’m so proud of. Plus a few random things about little miss sassy pants.
Chloe talks so much. She’s speaking and understand a lot of Vietnamese and a bit of English. Her favorite words are (in Vietnamese) I want to eat, play, change my diaper, uh-oh, bye, and hi. She started catching up on a bit on English 2 weeks ago and says “where are you” and “what are you doing” A LOT!
Chloe started telling me last week when she pees and insist on getting a fresh diaper every time she does. I think potty training is going to happen very soon.
Chloe “brushes” and combs her own teeth and hair.
Chloe is trying so hard to jump right now. Watching her “jump” is seriously the cutest thing! She loves dancing and “jumping” to music
Chloe only feeds herself. Since she was about 6-8 months, she hasn’t allowed me to feed her. She eats more sugary sweets than I want but enjoys zucchini and broccoli so I’m still winning.
Chloe is your typical “baby”. She gets into everything, spills food and water, trashes the entire house, plays with baby dolls, throws little fits when she doesn’t get her way, and all of that. Liam was so good and I never had to worry about him getting into things. Chloe is the complete opposite.
Chloe is starting to learn to enjoy tv. Up until last week, she had no interest in movies and shows. I’m not going to lie, its nice being able to put on a show while I work and letting her watch for half an hour or so.
Chloe is her own little person. She’s in so many way just like me, sweet but very very sassy. I can’t make her do everything I want but I also see how much independence in her. She loves being held and loved and I won’t ever ever stop.
*Photos by Arzu Photography


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