Gosh, I can’t believe Chloe is officially two years old. At the same time, I feel like this girl has been 1 year old for forever. This stage of her life is one of my favorites and since Chloe is our last little babe, I want to cherish these baby years more than ever.
We wanted to celebrate Chloe’s birthday with family and really make it enjoyable for her. At this age, I feel that we focus on making birthdays extravagant for the adults and guest (and I’m 100% guilty of doing it) so I wanted to have a day just for Chloe and the little ones. Chloe doesn’t eat much but she sure does love breakfast food.
We had our little table set up by Picnic In The City and Houston Event Floral and it sure did make everything come to life. What is a birthday without balloons? Balloons by Isabella did Liam’s space balloon and I’m always amazed by their work. I love the light pink colors and greenery because it helps tie in the floral birthday party theme I had in mind. It also is an easy and pretty photo space and Chloe sure did love playing with it too.
We wanted to save money and make everything on our own (plus, breakfast food is easy to cook). I went on Pinterest and found tons of really delicious and pretty breakfast boards. I feel that food boards are really popular right now and when it came to a breakfast board, I felt that it was attainable. If you’re looking for a cheese board (which is much harder to create), we really loved our board from Le Modern Box. We did two boards, donuts and a pancake/fruit board. The kids devoured it within 5 minutes, I was so surprised! I’ll be posting another detailed post on how we put it together soon.
I saw our Boba Cake sometime earlier this year and instantly fell in love. It’s available to order now and it tasted amazing! We got the brown sugar milk tea flavor and it’s now my favorite cake flavor.
Entertaining children is no joke! I came across Wonderland Soft Play earlier this year and thought it was genius. I knew as soon as I saw their play areas that I would want one for Chloe’s birthday. The age recommendation is 0-5 and you can customize colors and choose which soft play rental works best for you.
Now that Chloe is officially two, y’all know I always share an update on her activities and growth!
10 random things that Chloe enjoys at 2 years old
1) You can always catch Chloe singing. She’s loving all the children’s nursery songs; Old McDonalds, Twinkle Twinkle, etc.
2) She loves playing with her Ice Cream toys, she’s big on scooping ice cream but will only play with adults.
3) Chloe’s favorite person is my mom. These two have bonded so much these past 4 months and Chloe will choose my mom over Tommy and I any day.
4) When you tell Chloe she’s “pretty”, she has the biggest smile on her face. It’s so important for her to feel special and loved and I know it will build her confidence as she gets older.
5) Chloe loves small puppies! I know she knows that puppies are dog, but she looks at them as if they’re little live babies.
6) When it comes to toys, Chloe mostly loves her little babies. It’s funny because Tommy got her this cheap little doll last Christmas and it’s one of the only dolls she’ll choose. When we go to Target, I ask her to choose a new baby and she gives me a big “No, thank you”.
7) Her favorite foods are rice and eggs, bananas, and apple sauce. It’s funny because she’ll go into the pantry and grab the applesauce packets and go through 3 in 5 minutes. If I say no to opening the applesauce, she’ll immediately go to the next person and ask them to open it.
8) Since day 1, Chloe has been a homebody. She really enjoys staying at home with family. She’s super chill when it comes to entertainment.
9) Chloe’s favorite book is “DADA” by Jimmy Fallon. She loves seeing animals and the funny noises Tommy makes when mimicking the sounds of the animals in the book.
10) Chloe loves to swim. This summer, this girl swam 75% of the time. She enjoys swimming in her pool and takes a bubble bath almost every night.
This next year of her life will come with a lot of change but we’re ready to watch every second of it and to help her continue to grow.
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