This summer, Tommy and I had talked about the places we wanted to visit and Tommy has always wanted to take us camping. With young children and this Texas heat, it can be difficult to take them camping outdoors. I came across Getaway House last year and thought it was such an awesome idea! I didn’t know much about it but I was confident that it would be a great way to take the children camping while getting everything the children wood need; a place to cool down, showers, refrigerator, and a comfy place to sleep.
We chose to visit the Getaway Brazos Valley location in Navasota, Texas. It was about 1 hour from Houston. Even though it was only 1 hour from Houston, the area made it feel as if you drove hours away from the city. What’s great about taking a trip to Getaway House is that you don’t have to check in at a office, everything can be done through your phone.
What made me very comfortable with staying in the woods was that we weren’t alone. There were over 20 other cabins in the same area that are all space out so well.
Inside our cabin we had a refrigerator, 2 stoves, bathroom with shower, two beds, one sitting/eating table, and there was AC. Right outside we had a campfire to cook and a large picnic table. I love that we were able to still shower, cook, etc. It was in a minimalistic way but I feel that it’s amazing to see what all you can do with so little. For the kitchen, it included pots, pans, dishes, silverware, snacks, salt, pepper, and oil packets.
Whatever you eat and drink has to be brought from home. Inside the cabin, there are foods and snacks in case but I highly recommend planing out all your meals and brining it in a small cooler. We bought food for breakfast (eggs and bacon), hot dogs, bbq, bread, fruit, veggies, water, milk, and everything for s’mores.
Keep in mind that this is very much like an escape from the city. There was barely any signal so it really allowed us to enjoy the nature. We went on walks on the trails, sat around the campfire, sang, and really took a break from the city life. The kids built a hut and ran around the entire time! I was able to go on a run and it was beautiful! Take this time to read a book and relax. Tommy and I spent the evenings sitting next to the fire talking for house. It was such a peaceful time.
I rounded up a packing list with items we brought or wish we brought! 
-Food for every meal
-All beverages you plan to consume
-Everything for s’mores
-Olive Oil
-Boots & Sneakers
-Small Toys for toddlers
-Board Games
-Multiple changes of clothes
I’ve highlighted our trip on my Instagram stories if yall would like to see our experience! When you plan your next trip, get $25 off with code: ANNIEMESCALL
Thank you so much for reading.
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