BEST OF 2015…

Happy New Years Eve!!
Does anyone else agree that this year has passed by way to fast?! I still can’t believe all of the incredible things that have happened in the last 12 months. Like I said in my last post, 2015 has been THE BEST year of my life. I am so grateful for everything and everyone that God has blessed me with. Here are some highlights of my year…
-Traveling to New York and having my dream proposal 
-Marrying my best friend 
-Sharing the news to my best friends that they were going to be aunts and uncles
-Graduating from The University of Texas at San Antonio
-Being pregnant with my little angel
-Liam being born on July 20th, 2015
-Moving to our home in Colorado
-The launch of The Annie Issue
-Cooking our first family thanksgivings dinner
-Seeing real snow for the first time
-Traveling to Texas 3 times to visit family
-Visiting Vail for our little family Christmas weekend
-Sharing Liam’s first Christmas with our families in Texas
-Celebrating New Years Eve with my loved ones
2015 will definitely be a hard year to beat. I’m anxious but excited to see what is to come in 2016 for us. My New Years resolution is pretty simple… to live and be happy in the moment, spend more quality time with family, incorporate fitness more into my life, and connect and meet more of my amazing followers, fellow bloggers, and buisnesses. Thank you for supporting my family and blog over the past two months, everyone’s kind words and positivity means the world to me. I can’t wait to share more of my fashion inspirations and family adventures with yall! 

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