TOP: HM // BOTTOMS: BP // SHOES: Hunter // SCARF: here and here // Liam- JACKET: Zara // BOTTOMS: Gap // SHOES: Freshly Picked (Zion color) // BEANIE: Zara 
Happy New Years! I spent New Years Eve popping fireworks and going to dinner with my family. Tommy and I originally had plans to go out but we decided that we would much rather watch Liam go crazy over the fireworks. He was so so excited (and a little scared) about lighting fireworks with Tommy and his uncle and then jetting off after it started to spark. It’s such a blessing to be able to spend time with family and enjoy one another. Staying in Texas has been a little stressful, but being able to spend time with our families is well worth it. My 2017 resolution is to take care of my skin and eat healthier. I’ve noticed that I’ve already started to show signs of wrinkles and it haunts me. I also plan to travel a lot this year, Liam and I are going out of the country next week for the first time! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in stores for us.

My first outfit of 2017 on my blog is one that I’ve worn over and over. Ever since I’ve moved to Colorado, I’ve been in love with the beautiful mountain views and snowfall. We got our first snowfall early December and it was pretty. I feel like a little girl every time it snows, it’s magical every time, lol. I love the white cold snow, hot chocolate drinks, and bundling up with my family. I keep my outfit pretty basic when I plan on going outside; leggings, oversized sweater, hunter boots, and a scarf. This scarf, as I’ve mentioned before is one of my favorites. Its a classic scarf that has been popular for the past 3ish years?! I hope it continues to snow through this winter. Liam LOVES it!

Happy New Years!


*Photos by Rachel Wright

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