Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Our family had such a memorable day. Tommy was deployed during Easter last year, so this was our first Easter as a family. We’ve been searching for a church that we both felt comfortable with and I think we found it yesterday. It’s a little ways out there but it’s at the top of our list. We’re trying out another church next Sunday that’s a little closer to our house. 
After we got home from church, Liam started his easter egg hunt. Liam had picked out this massive Minions Easter basket at target. It was so adorable watching him drag it around the yard, throwing easter eggs in it. Tommy and I were shocked by how interested he was in finding the eggs. He was running around the house looking everywhere for more easter eggs. I never celebrated Easter growing up (mainly because majority of my family are buddhist), but now that I have a family of my own, these days are so much more special to me. Watching Liam’s face light up as he ran around the living room with his dad made my heart melt. We bought a Nemo easter egg set and it’s perfect for toddlers. I did most of the dye, while Liam was putting stickers on the eggs, his body, his face, and the dining table. Tommy also thought it would be hilarious to slip his old Christmas jimmies on so his button up wouldn’t get dirty. We spent the rest of the day eating every single piece of candy we could put our hands on, watching Trolls, and playing with Liam. He loves to play with his dinosaur toys, bubbles, and says juice while pointing at the fridge when he’s thirsty. He’s growing up way to fast for me to handle. I’ve accepted that he’s no longer a baby, and that he’s a toddler. Of course, he’ll always be my little baby. 
Thank you so much for reading! 
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