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These past couple of days have been eye opening. In the past 4 days, I’ve been able to hear the black community speak out and tell the world what they’ve been going through for many many generations. I’ve listen to their words about unfair treatment, racial discriminations, fears, and so much more. My heart breaks for those who are not here with us today and for those who are going through racism daily.
Being a minority, I’ve suffered heavily from racist comments, assumptions, and mistreatments when I was barely 7 years. It doesn’t compare to what black people go through today but I have a little taste on what it’s like to be looked at and made fun of, picked on, and bullied based on the way I looked. I pray that more people have opened their hearts and minds to racial discriminations towards black people and move forward with treating everyone equally.
Racism is taught, it isn’t embedded into our genes. When it comes to raising my children, I never spoke about color because I hoped that my children saw every person as a person, not as a black person, white person, asian person, ect. I’ve learn that it was a naive way of thinking and that when they’re old enough to understand racism, it will be taught to them. I read that children that are Easton and Liams age tend to gravitate towards other children that have similar features to theirs and to the people that they are around. I hope that by teaching my children about other races and cultures, they’ll grow to be friends and to love everyone that comes into their lives.
I found a lot of books on racism and cultures and rounded them up for yall. I’m ordering a handful and looking for more that will help my children learn about other cultures as well. The step I’m taking to end racism starts at home with these books and I hope you do the same.


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