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Ever since we had our kitchen and floors remodeled, I’ve been trying to keep our house as clean as possible. With our family being home all the time during this unprecedented time, I’ve learned that it tends to get a bit more messy around here. Our family spends the most amount of time in our living room, kitchen, and dining room; so there’s definitely a lot of cleaning to do throughout the day. Good news—Art of Green® makes it easy to keep my house fresh, and you can save $1 on Art of Green® at H-E-B!




With it being three versus one, it can be tough to clean everything on my own. I divided out chores between myself and the boys, and it has been working out so well. The boys’ jobs are to put up their toys, organize all the bins and cabinets, sweep the floors, put away the dishes, and put everything up before bedtime. My job is to keep our countertops, dining table, and floors clean. It’s easy with Art of Green® products like their Lavender Eucalyptus Wipes and Multi-surface Spray Cleaner. Right now, you can get $1 off Art of Green® products at H-E-B using this offer at H-E-B using this offer here!




We’ve been using Art of Green® products in our home for over a year, because their products are non-toxic, safe, made with naturally derived ingredients, and work well on those food and drink spills that Chloe loves to make every other hour. As soon as I became a mother, it was extremely important to me to have safe and natural products in our home. Especially when the kids are eating off of the tables, opening drawers, and working on hands-on crafts.




We go through the Art of Green® wipes about every other month, but now we’ve been going through it faster since being home is pretty much our only option currently. We pick up refills when our family shops at H-E-B. Art of Green® products are located in the cleaning aisle, and it makes it easy on us, because we pick it up when we do our grocery shopping while also minding the national social distance regulations It’s easy to use for a quick wipe down, messy spill, or oven-top cleaning after cooking. Art of Green product are the perfect way to clean. The wipe’s formula is 98% naturally derived and hypoallergenic, so they are safe for my skin. This multi-surface product is great, because you can use it on so many things: foam mats, kitchen counters, the bathroom, and windows. The wipe’s formula is 98% naturally derived and hypoallergenic, so they are safe for my skin. This multi-surface product is great, because you can use it on so many things: foam mats, kitchen counters, the bathroom, and windows. 




The boys started their chores a while ago, and it has been so much easier on me. It teaches them to keep up with their responsibilities and to be clean. At first, they weren’t all too excited about it, but when I showed up and helped out, it soon became a normal routine. I feel that if they see me cleaning and tidying up, they’ll do the same. Chloe, on the other hand, is our little messy one. She’s so young, but man, can she make a mess! She started putting up a few toys, but I’m hoping that when she sees her big brothers clean, she’ll do the same! 
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