It has been a while since I’ve shared a family update. So much as changed in the last year I’m not even sure where to start. Last month marked one year since Tommy moved back home and 5+ years of doing long distance. It’s still feels like yesterday where I was commuting to Fort Hood every month with the kids to visit Tommy.

We’re pretty settled in our home after 2 months of unpacking and I feel that we finally have our own place after moving around for the last 8 years of mine and Tommy’s life together. My life these days are pretty much consisted with blogging, getting the house together, raising these wild children, and being a wife. I hardly get any breaks these days, but I feel thankful and blessed to be able to be busy.

My little brother and little cousin moved in with us so they could have a better commute to school and I’m enjoying the company and help. Some were shocked that Tommy and I took them in but for our family, that’s normal. I grew up in a household that had 9 people and our family is very big on caring for each other. If I ever needed to move in with my mom or aunt they would gladly take me in and they have in the past. I care for my family all the same; cousin, child, aunt, etc. everyone is loved and cared for equally. I know each family member would do the same for me.

Tommy is currently a full-time student at University of Houston studying computer science. He’s busy most days and locks himself in the bathroom (where he uses my vanity as a desk, lol). We have days where we switch carpool and parental jobs. The weekends are when we get to be with each other because M-F is solely family, work, and school. Tommy is adjusting well with school and enjoying all that coding stuff. When he talks to me, it’s like he’s speaking another language, lol.

Easton is in love with school. He’s a social butterfly and enjoys making new friends. This kid is going to be taller than me by the time he’s in 5th grade. He’s currently in second grade. Easton is the child we pay most attention to emotionally because of his past and every day we work toward him having a better understand of his emotions. He has grown A LOT and cares so deeply about others.

Liam is honestly struggling with the adjustment to school. He’s at a new school with longer days and I’m not sure he knows how to handle it. We’ve been considering switching schools for him but are waiting to see if it gets better. He has been working on reading this past summer and I’m so proud of his reading skills.

Chloe. My little baby girl just celebrated her third birthday, and I could cry. Sometimes I feel that she’s still a baby and other days she’s a big girl. I recently learned that she’s most likely an introverted and it has helped give me a better understanding of her personality. I figured she was shy because majority of her social life was raised up during covid-19 but nope, she’s just very selective of who she wants to be around.

Everyone is back in school so there are days where it feels too quiet at home but I appreciate that I can work in peace for a few hours a couple days of the week. We’ve gone through tons of changes and are taking it day by day.

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