Our plans for Chloe’s first bedroom

It’s finally happening, my baby girl is getting her first room done. Since the day Chloe was born, she has always shared a room with me. She shared a dresser, bathroom, and closet with me but it’s time for her to get her big girl room. As much as I would have loved for her to have a nursery when she was born, our last shared home wasn’t feasible, nor did we have budget for it. Fast forward to now and I’m going all out on Chloe’s bedroom

For the vibe, we’re going with a modern boho vibe. Yes, I two totally different design styles together. I’ve always been a fan of the natural and subtle boho designs like cane furniture, tan art work, pampas, woven textures, etc. To add a modern modern touch to it, I plan on adding in some more modern touches like this gorgeous white and gold light fixture, this clean white and black wall paper, black décor pieces, and overall more white than tan.

As you might have noticed, I love neutrals and simplicity. Walls tend to look super empty and filling them with wall décor pieces or tons of artwork isn’t my style. Instead, I love adding a bit of texture and contrast to the walls by adding woodwork. We were originally going to add shiplap to 3 out of the 4 walls but it would have looked too much like a farmhouse. Instead, I opted in for simple wooden slats on the walls and then shiplap and beams to the ceiling. To save money, we choose to do plywood instead of white oak for the beams and we limit the number of slats. There is a piece of wooden slat every 16 inches. The more wood the more it cost. Chloe’s ceilings are about 12 feet tall. Her beams are 4×5 and we did this instead of the original 8×8 because we didn’t want to her ceilings to feel like they were low.

Our carpenter did an incredible job. He has done all of our woodwork and is amazing. As far as cost, this cost about $2,000 WITHOUT paint. The paint was $600. On Chloe’s headboard wall, we choose this white and black floral print from Wall Blush and it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to show everyone.

Chloe’s room is about 4 months in the making and we’re hoping to be done by the end of this month. She’s going to love it so much more.


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