How to organize your back to school calender with your children

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The time has come, back to school. This summer was filled with so many memories but it’s time to adjust our schedules for back to school. This fall, Easton will start 3 rd grade, Liam will start 2nd grade, and Chloe will start Pre-K. They’ve been asking me “how many days until we go to school” for weeks because they enjoy being with their teacher, friends, and learning new things.

I’m going to miss having them all at home all day but I’m looking forward to having a scheduled routine and being able to work efficiently during the mornings and afternoons. Even though Easton, Liam, and Chloe are in school during the weekdays, there’s added responsibilities that come with it. As a mom, it’s important to me that we’re doing everything we can to ensure that their studies are going well, and they balance work and play, and after school time.

Throughout the summer, Easton and Liam were at Sylvan Learning Center for academic camp and tutoring lessons and they will be continuing to attend their after-school sessions there. Easton told us and our family members repeatedly that Sylvan was his favorite part of the entire summer. Liam has surpassed his current reading levels with the help of his tutors at Sylvan Learning Center, so are thrilled to continue our lessons there. The talented tutors at Sylvan Learning Center are great at making learning fun and effective! We have the boys in for reading and writing. You can learn more about their subjects and tutoring options which are both in-person and online, here.

With our calendar being full of school, sports, tutoring, and fitting in a healthy amount of free time, I decided to teach Easton and Liam how to organize with getting them their own planners. I showed them how to write in their planner, what to plan for, and how they can be responsible for their time. They are pretty excited about it and when they know what there days and weeks look like, they can mentally prepare. They are at an age where they don’t like surprises in their day and work much better when they know what to expect.

This school year is going to be busy for us but I’m confident that the kids are going to finish strong! Click HERE to learn more about what Sylvan Learning can do for you and your family.

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